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IP Litigation


Wordict-IP® recognises the important role that a successful IP Enforcement Strategy can make and thus helps a wide variety of Clients protect what is theirs, and police the marketplace against infringements and unfair competitive practices. Intellectual Property is recognised as one of the most important assets that can be held by a Corporation or an Individual. The threat of Intellectual Property Infringement increases with each passing day as infringers find it easier and faster to take advantage of the IP owner’s hard work in creating the Intellectual Property sought to be protected. It is a well-known fact that Intellectual Property Litigation is one of the most expensive types of litigation to defend.

With a legacy of successfully handling IP cases, Wordict-IP® emphasises on its experience in various aspects of IP Litigation namely patent disputes, copyright and trademark litigation, domain name disputes, trade secret protection, unfair competition claims, false advertising, and defamation, publicity and privacy issues.

Trademark & Copyright Litigation

Wordict-IP® serves some of the leading Indian and Global Brands in Trade Mark Enforcement and Protection matters. Our experience includes finding the potential infringers and handling trademark, trade dress, anti-counterfeiting, misappropriation and unfair competition cases. Wordict-IP® manages worldwide trademark portfolios for a number of our large clients, overseeing the protection and enforcement of our client’s trademark rights internationally. We handle opposition proceedings and litigation involving marks in many countries around the world. From leading FMCG to leading Telecom/High-Technology Companies, we represent a broad variety of clients across business verticals. We enforce and maintain the integrity of our client’s marks and other protectable rights. Our lawyers strategically and promptly take appropriate actions through the use of temporary restraining orders, seizure orders, and preliminary injunctions. Our efforts primarily involve seizures and preliminary injunctions and trials in India. We have extensive experience motions for preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders in the context of a variety of trademarks and service mark matters. We, along -house counsels of large Corporate houses, have also handled ex parte seizure actions as part of a well-developed anti-counterfeiting program for one of our entertainment clients. We routinely prosecute and defend claims involving both registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks. We do so in all of the typical forums for resolving these types of disputes, including the high courts, the Trademark Appeal Board before Trademark office, India. With the help of a comprehensive list of counsel whom we have had prior relationships, we also have pursued and defended trademark and service mark claims numerous jurisdictions around the world.

Patent Litigation

Wordict-IP® serves some of the leading Corporates/Establishments for IP Infringement matters. Our experience includes finding potential infringers for IP owners through due diligence and assessing the market for the same. For doing this, our firm has Patent Attorneys/Practitioners who have advanced qualifications in varied technology domains and understand complete nuances of claim mapping and provisions of enforcement under different IP Laws. In case, based on our due-diligence, we find out that one or more potential parties are infringing the subject IP, we take all necessary legal steps to restrain such unauthorized use of the IP and either to reach out for out of court settlement or to sue the parties before the court.

We have highly experienced Patent Attorneys to perform infringement analysis, and help patent owners in identifying potential infringers and advise clients on the same due evidence and support. Based on the client’s advice and Infringer’s move the matter, we take up legal proceedings accordingly in the applicable jurisdiction. Appropriate and timely legal notices are issued to restrain and get to an amicable conclusion. Our services extend to invalidation proceedings as well as opposition proceedings, which are also considered as a part of litigation.

Supreme Court of India is the final court in India exercising original and Appeal powers. As per the Supreme Court Rules a case can be filed in the Supreme Court of India only through a qualified Advocate on Record. Two of the Senior Partners of the Firm are Advocates on Record with more than 20 years of practice experience and hence the firm ensures the best services with regard to Supreme Court Practice.