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Patents & Designs

Safeguard Your Inventions with Patents 

When you invest effort and time into research and development of any invention – big or small, your achievements must be protected from being copied. A patent is the best way to do so. It keeps the competition at bay while giving you the freedom to accelerate growth. Once your patent is granted, it gives you or the company holding the patent monopoly over creating and marketing the invention for 20 years. It allows you to be the first to market your invention and increases your market position. 

Not only is this a financially sound move, it also contributes to building your brand’s reputation as a market leader. With a registered patent, you’ll find it easier to secure financing for future projects. Even if you do not commercialize your concept, you can create new sources of revenue by licensing the patent and earning royalties. Of course, a patent portfolio also shows your technical expertise and commitment to innovation.

Patent Search:

Novelty or Patentability (to determine if anyone has previously invented anything similar or identical);

Freedom to Operate (search done determining whether a particular action, such as testing or commercialising a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others)

Technology Landscaping( search that helps get an overview of a particular technology domain, its evolution, identify patent holdings and strength of various companies and provide details on latest trends and specific developments in the industry);

Claims mapping (comparison of subject patent claims for infringement analysis);

Invalidation (to invalidate the Patent of Plaintiff by Defendant against whom infringement proceedings are filed)

Litigation (search done by patentee to determine if his rights are being infringed and file infringement suit)

Patent Drafting and Filing Service.

Our skilled and dedicated professionals offer quality range of Patent Drafting Services. Patent drafting is a creative and bespoken process where our highly qualified and competent experts draft the patent description, specification and claims and support them with drawings. We file the National filings, Patent Co-operation Treaty National phase and International filing, Conventional Patent applications, Patent of Addition, Application for dividing a Patent application and Article 19 and 34 of PCT seeking amendments.

Depending on the priority date and stage of invention our expert teams advise filing of either provisional or non provisional applications.

Beneath the command of diligent executives, the Services are imparted with superiority, reasonable costs, reliability, timeliness and effectiveness,

Patent Prosecution Services

Having a team of skilled and dedicated which works for getting a grant of the Patent.

The prosecution of a patent application is continuous and dedicated process where time line need to be adhered to with regard to filing complete specifications, request for examination, pre grant opposition, first examination report, office action and post grant opposition. Our Agents and Attorneys have in-depth understanding of the process and handle the same till a successful grant.

Patent Maintenance and watch Services

Patent maintenance is a post grant service where we keep track of events and time lines. Payment of Annuties, renewals, working of patent advises, filing of post grant documents to keep application in force and the grant valid.

Patent watch services is a process where we monitor published and granted patents across the world. Watch becomes more important when there are competitors and their future intent. The watch services also help clients who want to search for any abandoned/ rejected/expired patents in a particular domain so that they are free to use that technology without any legal risks.

Patent Enforcement Services

We enforce the right of our client by keeping a watch for infringements by filing infringement and passing off proceedings in the District and High Courts. We help our client obtain injunctive reliefs against such infringers, seek for seizure of infringing material and seek for account of profit for assessment of damages.

Register Your Patents 

Registering a patent takes considerable time but the benefits are huge. The process is something you may not be able to get through on your own. The good news is that you don’t have to.  You can work with our patent attorneys to protect all your inventions.