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Every brand must make itself distinguishable from competitors. This is where a trademark comes in. Trademarks are signs that mark a product as belonging to a particular company. It could be a name, a logo, a picture or any such graphic. Apart from being identifiers, trademarks can also communicate the brand’s core values and types of products and services offered. Once registered trademarks are protected by Intellectual Property Rights. Anyone misusing your trademark without permission can be legally punished for the same.

The importance of registering a trademark is manifold. It acts as a mark of recognition for consumers and plays an important role in their purchasing decisions. Customers are more likely to trust a brand with a recognizable trademark over a generic brand. With brand recognition comes a positive market reputation. This is important not only from the customer’s point of view but also from a prospective employee’s and partner’s line of sight.

Trademark Search:

Trademark search is a very important exercise that a prospective applicant needs to do to find out whether marks either phonetically similar, deceptively similar or confusingly similar to his proposed mark is existing either as a pending application or a registered mark. Apart from this, the search also gives certain critical information about other marks that have been filed and registered with the Registry. Our team is experienced to do a very effective search across the globe and provide a report enabling the applicant to take a decision.

Trademark Drafting and Filing Service.

We are engaged in rendering Trademark Filing and Registration Services for our valuable clients not only in India but also in other countries. The process of filing the Trademark application arises after the search is done. Trademarks are filed for goods and services under 45 different classes. Prior to filing, our attorneys and agents will do in-depth study with regard to the brand, its usage and products for which it is used. After such a study is done the client is advised with regard to the classification of filing and status of filing and the applications are then prepared. The process of registration of Mark takes some time since certain compliances under the Trademarks Act is to be done by the Registry as well by the applicant.

Trademark Prosecution Services

Having a team of skilled and dedicated which works for getting a grant of the Trademark. The prosecution is continuous and dedicated process where time line need to be adhered to with regard to filing replies for office action and other compliances. Once the Mark is Registered our agents also look into and Oppositions that may Arise. As part of Prosecution our agents also hell clients file oppositions and rectifications

Trademark Maintenance and watch Services

Trademark maintenance is a post grant service where we keep track of similar or phonetic or deceptive marks from getting registered after being published. Trademark watch services is a process where we monitor published marks. Watch becomes more important when there are competitors and their future intent..

Trademark Enforcement Services

We enforce the right of our client by keeping a watch for infringements and passing off by filing infringement and passing off proceedings in the District and High Courts. We help our client obtain injunctive reliefs against such infringers, seek for seizure of infringing material and seek for account of profit for assessment of damages.

Ultimately trademarks can become a company’s most critical assets. As the business grows, so does the value of trademarks. Remember, whether your company is just starting out or you’re part of an established firm, the only way to keep a trademark secure is by registering it.