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Copyright Registration: Protecting your Creative Achievements

If you write literature, fiction, songs or plays of if you’re an artist of any kind, the only way to protect your work and keep others from claiming ownership is register the work for copyright. A copyright is a collection of rights that protects creative works from being misused. The copyright provisions in India under the Copyright  Act 1957 include the right to reproduce works, to distribute copies, to prepare derivative works, and to perform and display the work publicly. Once the copyright is registered, only the author or creator can claim any economic benefit resulting from creating the work.

Copyright registration usually protects the work from being copied, misused or displayed without the creator’s permissions for 60 years. For films, photographs, sound recordings, etc. this period starts from the date of publication. In the case of literary, artistic, dramatic or musical works, copyright protection is provided for 60 years after the author’s death.

Copyright Drafting and Filing Service.

Copyright exits the moment the work is created by the author and is an automatic International Right. We are engaged in rendering Copyright Drafting and filing services. not only in India but also in other countries. The applications are filed online and a follow up is done with the Copyright Office on a regular basis.

Copyright Prosecution Services

Copyright prosecution involves filing an opposition application against the third party with the Registrar office of copyright. The prosecution is continuous and dedicated process where time line need to be adhered

Digital Rights Management

DRM is a very effective way of preventing copyright piracy. In fact DRM is alternatively called a Digital Copyrights. We assist our clients in advising in this niche area where in after assessing the the content and the data with the client we give solutions for effective management and protection. This technology makes it almost impossible for copyright content to be pirated or copied.

Drafting and conveyencing :

We help our client to arrive at a precise document content to share and commercialize their copyrighted content. This is part of the licensing issue that we deal for the client in order to allow the client to exploit its contents commercially by other within a protected environment. The issues of licensing, permitted user Royalties payments etc are all deal with under this division.

Register Your Copyright

If someone else wants to take credit for your hard work, without a registered copyright, there is no real way to prove that you alone are the creator. Every work of art you produce must be copyright registered individually. It takes a little effort but in the long run, it’s worth it.