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Sports & Gaming Law


India is a land where sports are played and watched religiously. Yet, there is no national or state legislation for regulation of sports in India. The history of sports in India dates back to the Vedas and the Indus valley civilization. Excavations reveal that people used marbles, dice and other materials and also indulged in physical activities. Outdoor activities like chariot racing and wrestling were also born in india.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports was set up by the Govt. of India in 2000, to create the infrastructure and promote capacity building for broad-basing sports as well as for achieving excellence in various competitive events at the national and international levels. Sports promotion is primarily the responsibility of the various National Sports Federations (NSFs) which are autonomous in nature. The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs issues notifications and guidelines from time to time for the purpose of regulation of NSFs.

Governing & Regulating bodies of Sports Law in India Statutes such as The Sports development Act 1997 & The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 are some of the regulations that govern sports across the world and from which the Indian legislature has borrowed various enactments.
The subject matter of sports law comes under the seventh schedule, state list, entry 33 of the Indian constitution.

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