Intern Team

Natesh kumar (5th Year, Sastra University)

It was April 2020 when I completed an Internship which solely focused on research and content writing. Many days were spent scouting on Lawctopus for online internship opportunities, especially those which involved interaction with partners and co-interns similar to an offline internship. However, I was disappointed since the internships enlisted were predominantly only a call for blog writers. It was a pleasant evening when I had come across Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar’s (hereinafter referred as Sir) profile on LinkedIn and also the Virtutern opportunity at WordictIP, which left me excited. A glance through sir’s profile not only left me inspired but also incredulous as to how a man of sir’s stature with an obvious hectic schedule could possibly take his precious time out for interacting with interns on a day to day basis. I applied and heard back positively from the firm on the same day!

I had minimal knowledge in Intellectual Property Rights during the commencement of the Internship, but the first meeting got me researching, the subject was intriguing, I was asking questions, finding answers and was curious to know how the law (IPR) was across seas. The co- interns were empathetic, sincere and inspiring. We were allotted topics for research and presentation which facilitated in vast expansion of knowledge. The unique aspect of the internship which made it an outstanding experience was the conduct of a Moot Court Competition amongst co-interns. The vast proposition covered vital concepts in Code of Civil Procedure, Trademark and Patents Act.

By the end of the month (May 2020), I had come across 39 (approximately) concepts in IPR which were discussed in detail during video conferences. Though IPR was primarily focused during the internship, views were exchanged regarding key concepts in Cyber law such as intermediary liability and safe harbor protection during many video conferences. I take pride in the fact that sir discussed his experiences in court rooms, previous and ongoing litigations with interns. Sir’s charismatic personality and deep voice was a symbol of vigor and optimism which drew my ears during his presentations. Certainly, all of us had a great learning experience, be it IPR, research & presentation skills, life lessons acquired from Sir’s anecdotes. The key takeaway would be the attention given to every intern during the program. I take liberty to arrive at a conclusion that there was a greater attention and superior communication than in an offline internship. I am grateful for the opportunity at WordictIP, not only have I found an interesting field (IPR) to pursue but also found an inspirational guru!