Intern Team

Manisha Dansana (5th year, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad)

This is my very first online internship with Wordict IP. Before joining this virtual internship, I had a lot of queries in my mind pertaining to this internship, where say the manner of carrying out this internship. But this internship is a complete learning-based internship where I learnt a lot about IPR. To be precise, I actually discovered my likeness for IPR. Every intern, at the beginning of the week, were allotted several topics to research upon and sufficient time was given for that. At the end of the week, sir used to ask about our research on that particular topic. Since it is entirely a learning process, he asked each one of us to give presentation upon that specific topic so that other interns would also get to know about our topic and vice-versa. Sir not only motivated us but also provided valuable suggestions and relevant information by rectifying our work wherever required in order to make our work better. I had the best online internship.